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There was excitement in the air during our second week of school. We are continuing to learn about sharing and school rules. We introduced our school theme for the year, “The Images of Christ”. This month, we are focusing on Jesus as a Good Shepherd. We are learning how a sheperd takes care of his sheep and how Jesus takes care of us. Our Bible verse is “The LORD is my Shepherd”.

Next week, we will begin our ABCs. Allie Alligator is our first Zoophonics animal. I will send a list of the names of each animal so that you may follow along with your child’s learning. If you would like to purchase a Zoophonics CD, please make a check out to the school for $18 and place it in the envelope on the counter.

We also started our 100th day count down. The children count each day of school until the 100th day in February, when we enjoy a whole school celebration. The shape of the month is a circle and the color of the month is red.

The Gold & Blue Back to School Dinner is coming soon. Your children will get up on stage and perform a school cheer that they have already been practicing. Please make arrangements to attend. It is a great way to meet other children, parents and grandparents and support your school.

Sign in and out sheets: Please sign your full name, not your legal signature. This is a licensing requirement.

Snack and Parent Volunteer sign up sheets are on the counter. If you would like to provide snack, please bring enough for 40 children. Snack suggestions are listed in the back of our Preschool Handbook. If you did not receive one, please ask a teacher for a copy.

Food Allergies: You may bring eggs for breakfast or for lunch. We do have egg, peanut, and strawberry allergies. You may pack these items for your child, but please do not bring snacks for the class that include them. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Parent Hours should be logged into Sycamore Education. If you need assistance logging in, please call the school office.

Miss Yaw, Teacher
Mrs. Puccinelli, ECC Director

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