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2nd Grade News

2nd Grade News example
Hello Parents!
It has been quite a week!  We’ve jumped right on into our books and are getting our AR on like crazy people (that’s a good thing)!

Discipline sheets: Each week you will find a discipline sheet in your student’s Friday Folder. This is to give you an idea of how the week went discipline-wise. Please sign the appropriate line at the bottom of the page, so that I know you’ve seen it and return it with the Friday Folder on Monday (Friday’s slips will be reflected on the next week’s tally).

Homework Packets:  The first homework packet is in your student’s Friday Folder this week. Homework is to be completed throughout the week and should be turned in by next Friday, September 14, but no earlier than Thursday.

Victory Drill/Math Facts in a Flash (MFF): VICTORY DRILL STARTS ON MONDAY!! If you signed up to help on Mondays, we hope to see you there with us at 8:25. The Victory Drill and MFF folder is in the Friday Folder today and page 1 of Victory Drill should be practiced and recorded before Monday morning. Our goal this year is to read 55 words per minute. Math facts in a Flash will begin soon.

Accelerated Reader (AR): Each student has a laminated card in his or her Friday Folder (those things are stuffed this week!). On that card is the ZPD book level range and trimester AR goal for your child. The idea of this is to help students familiarize themselves with their range as well as you. Knowing your child’s range will help you help them to choose books at their level. If you are not sure of a book’s level, you can always google AR Book Finder. That site will give you the level of almost any book that your child may read. Students are encouraged to only read books in their range because those books should be neither too hard nor too easy for them to read and test on successfully.

Book Orders: A reminder to turn in any book orders from last week. Orders can be done the traditional way or can be done online (which builds up points and free money to spend on books for the class).

Bible Verse: Our Bible verse this week is John 10:14, “ I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

Parent Teacher Conferences: Sign-ups are on the classroom window. Conferences will take place soon. On those three days we will end school at 12 noon.

A Special Note from (Science): Hooray, classes 1st-5th have cast their votes and we now know our new class pet will be a bearded dragon (BD). The BD will be brought into the class when students fill up the marble jar. Students can earn marbles through good behavior, answering questions, and bringing information on caring for our new class pet.

Miss Morrison, Teacher

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