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School Calendar

2017-18 School Year Calendar

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 SPLS News

Read the latest Aerie here!

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The Aerie



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Test Aerie

Please Check Back Later.

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8th Grade News

8th Grade News example

What a great first week! We began working on our first book report in class, it is due Tuesday, and had a general great time seeing each other again. Please make sure ALL books are covered by Tuesday.

Information about upcoming High School events (Shadow Days and Open Houses) are posted on the 8th grade class page. Make sure to check it out.

 Language Arts:  We will be focusing on our summer reading , Soul Surfer. On Tuesday, we will spend the day overcoming the obstacle of having only one arm. Each child needs to bring in a bathrobe tie, ace bandage, or some other soft fabric I can use to tie their arm to their side. We will also learn about other famous people who have achieved their goals despite obstacles put in their paths.  The students will be broken up in to groups and given a person whom they will need to research. They will then create an interview with that famous person.

I would like to show the PG film Soul Surfer in class. If anyone owns the film and would be willing to let us borrow it, please let me know ASAP. 

We will begin reviewing the parts of speech, from last year, through centers, next week.

 Math: Algebra has begun Chapter 1, variables and their expressions.

Accelerated Pre-Algebra is skipping through Chapter 1 (mean, median, and mode) and will begin lessons from chapter 2 next week. Both classes must have a calculator in class each day. After school math homework help begins on Tuesday.

HomeConnect will begin Monday.  

Bible:  We will focus on the theme this week: The Good Shepherd. After that, we will begin writing our chapel program.

This year our mission is to knit hats for the residents on Loaves and Fishes. This will be an all year mission, so any donations of yarn would be greatly appreciated!

Our Bible verse for the week is Psalm 23:1-3.  On Friday, they may recite it orally or write it out.

Science:  8th grade will be kicking off the year by studying Sir Isaac Newton’s three famous laws of physics. Students will need to bring in magazines, newspapers, or pictures off of the internet showing athletes in action.

Latin: Your child needs to complete 9 Latin lab tests per trimester. Next week, I will send home a note letting you know their progress. On Friday, they will be tested on the following Latin words (they must be able to spell and define them):

Pictae                                                                          picture/painting
Pariete                                                                        wall
Ursi                                                                             bear
Felium                                                                         cats
Vultus                                                                         happy face 

I addition to the Latin terms, they must be able to spell, define,  and give the part of speech for each of the following English terms: quietly (not all of them seem to know what this word means!),  beastly, conspiracy, odious, and obsequious.

History: 8th grade students will be studying United States Geography; The Five Themes, Map Basics, and Settlement Patterns of the United States.

 On Wednesday’s your child will print out a copy of their grades and will have all of their graded work. Please go over it with them.

Mrs. Stewart, Teacher

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7th Grade News

7th Grade News example

Bible:  We will be looking up into how the Bible is organized as well as creation. The Bible memory verse for this week is Timothy 3:16-17. The weekly Bible verse test will be on Thursday. Students need to arrive at school ready to recite the verse.

Language Arts:  We will be examining all of the elements of a strong narrative including plot, setting, and character. We will be examining all of these elements in our first short story, “Seventh Grade,” by Gary Soto.

Science:   In science we will be learning all of the parts and how to use our microscopes. We will also be looking at the characteristics of life, and the criteria that need to be met to be deemed alive.

Math:  7th grade continues chapter 1. We will focus on integers and how to solve word problems using the Singapore Method.

History: 7th graders will be completing a time capsule and looking at how archaeologists study the past.

Weekly Bible Verse:  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. – 2 Timothy 3:16

Mr. Tony Hock

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6th Grade News

6th Grade News example

Scholastic Book orders will be collected through Friday, when I will place the order.

Bible: Our theme for the month is Jesus as the Good Shepherd. The bible verse for the week is Psalm 23:1-3. On Friday, students may recite it orally or write it out. Most of the students forgot about this component this week. We will try again next week, and I will be sure to have them record it in their assignment planner. Psalm 23 will be memorized in its entirety this month. If students know it, and want to be done for the month they may write or recite the entire Psalm next Friday.

Language Arts: We will be reading Passage to Freedom in class and making judgments and predicting outcomes. We will start personal narratives for writing, and work on using conjunctions and compound sentences to improve flow.

Spelling: theme, quote, gaze, pace, preach, strive, trait, mute, sleeve, roam, strain, fade, league, soak, grease, throne, fume, file, toast, brake

Vocabulary: diplomat, government, refugees, superiors, and visas

Latin: We have started the Latin program in the computer lab. We are in the lab twice a week and work in the classroom the other days. Students work at their own pace, but are expected to complete at least seven lessons per trimester with 90% accuracy in 6th grade.

Science: In 6th grade science we will be examining maps and then creating our own to scale map of our classroom.

Math: Placement testing has concluded. A letter will go home on Monday concerning the math level of your child. Please make sure to sign a copy and return in on Monday.

On Wednesday, your child will print out a copy of their grades and will have all of their graded work. Please go over it with them and return it signed.

Miss Nelson

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5th Grade News

5th Grade News example

Binder check:  Here it is! This is the first week that you will find assignments filed in their binder. You should find the assignments listed below in the appropriate section of their binder.  I prefer it placed behind the tab page and not in a pocket. Some of the students are placing their graded work in a pocket. If it works for them, let’s let them continue this way, if not, please let me know and we will help them to become a better organized student! That is our number one goal!!

Math: Page 9(9/5)  Quiz lesson 1:5 (9/7)

Reading: Diamonds(9/6) The Gift of Hearing (9/6)

     We have had another great week with lots of things happening!  I can see that this class is quite musical because my classroom is pretty empty on band days!  That’s great tho because music is good for the soul and mind! David, Angelena, Isabella, Bethany, Evelyn, and Daniel did a fabulous job following all the assignment book procedures this week and earned a special work pass!  No question marks or late work for them!!! I hope to see more of you in this category next week.

 Bible:  We have had a great time learning about Jesus being The Good Shepherd! They have done a variety of explorations through centers, video clips, etc. It has been a blast for me to listen to them as they are learning! Next week we will begin our Young Peacemaker Bible lessons.

Young Peacemaker:  This is a program that helps students handle conflict in their lives in a Biblical way. You are to read the packet that will come home with them today. Your job is to read the material with them before Thursday. Once you have done this sign the front of the booklet. This is an easy A for your child and earns them 20 points!!!!! They also are responsible for learning the material as it will be tested on Friday. They will receive a study guide on Monday. They are to memorize the verse that accompanies the booklet. I will work them through the first packet. FYI there are 12 packets in this program.

Memory Verse: If it is at all possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  Romans 12:18

 Science – Hooray, classes 1st-5th have cast their votes and we now know our new class pet will be a bearded dragon (BD). The BD will be brought into the class when students fill up the marble jar. Students can earn marbles through good behavior, answering questions, and bringing information on caring for our new class pet.

Get Your  Western Duds On!: Next Friday we are taking Western pictures,so “Cowboy up!”  If you have a cowboy hat, shirt, or bandana bring it on!

Book Reports:  One book report is due per month. This month is to read a book that is true to life or realistic. It is your basic story.  An example would be Old Yeller. It isn’t really true, but it sure sounds realistic.  We will discuss the format in class, and put it together in class, so please do not have them write a report on their own. I have a plan!  At this point, all they have to do is READ!!!

Spelling:You will find the spelling list words on page 407 under the title “Earthquake Terror.”      in the orange practice book. The spelling assignment for the week is found on pages 9-11. This will be due on Friday.  FYI   A suggestion that I have for parents is to copy pages 407-427 and you will have the list at home all year! That’s what I did when my kids went through St. Peters. Someone asked me to share this with everyone.

Mrs. Kennicutt, Teacher

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4th Grade News

4th Grade News example

Greetings from Fourth Grade!

Well, I must say, as I walked down the hall today at lunch time, I thought to myself, “I’m not missing Second Grade at all!” While I treasure my fourteen years as a second grade teacher, I am truly enjoying working with your fourth graders! They have learned to do so much in the year away from me, and it is exciting to see their growth! They have continued to bless me with their wonderful behavior as well. It is going to be a great year!

By the way, if you come to the door in the morning and the classroom is dark, that is because we have picked up a 4th Grade tradition started by Mrs. Dahle. Each morning with nice weather (except Wed.), we will walk laps together to start the day. If you have a few minutes, feel free to join us for a great start to the day! We are always done by 8:30!

What a fantastic response to beginning band! Twelve of our sixteen fourth graders are joining band. We will be a cozy group of four on Monday and Thursday mornings!

We will pick up our Bible memory verse in the next week, and your child will need to be able to write it out from memory by Friday morning bellwork. It is included at the end of this letter.

AR Update: Your child’s ZPD was recorded in their assignment book on Tuesday. I have included the AR Chapel award schedule in your e-mailed Friday note. Please have your child bring in his/her lanyard, and we will keep them in the classroom, so that they always have them here for lanyard days-they like to get those treats from Mrs.Stender!!

Those lovely binders !! We are all still getting a feel for the binders and assignment books. This is a big deal and it takes a while. The children are struggling a bit with neatness, and remembering to circle their specific homework assignments—I know it was probably confusing to you at times! I am trying to remind often and clearly, so I am also holding them accountable for following (or not) following through. Pray for us as we work through this—they are really trying! Here is a reminder of the main items:

  • Assignment book : Please sign each night to show that you have looked over it with your child. You did a great job this week! Thanks so much!
  • Discipline sheet- Please glance at this every night, and sign the appropriate space at the end of each week to indicate that you are aware of your child’s weekly behavior.
  • Eureka! Look at This! Folder-This is where you will find flyers, school communications, and any other pertinent information that I would like you to know. Your child’s spelling list  will be in this folder each week.
  • Still Workin’ Folder- This will contain work in progress and homework. You will know if an assignment is homework if it is circled on the assignment book page. Otherwise, you can assume it is ongoing class work.
  • Ready to Go!- This will contain completed work. If your child has completed work in class that is due the next day, it will be in this folder. This is also where your child will place their completed homework, so that it is ready to turn in first thing the next morning.
  • Subject dividers-As graded work is returned, your child will place it behind its appropriate divider. It should remain there until your child is notified to remove it.

Puzzlemania: This is a great magazine put out by Highlights. Even if you are not interested, please sign and return it with “no” marked on it, and we can still earn free items for the classroom. Thanks!

 Book Orders:  If you will be ordering any books for your child, orders are due.  If you are not ordering online, please make sure to write a check for each order-I am unable to accept cash. Order forms were handed out at orientation.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Sign-ups are on the classroom window for conferences.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be minimum days with dismissal at noon.

Science Notes: Hooray! Classes 1st-5th have cast their votes and we now know our new class pet will be a bearded dragon (BD). The BD will be brought into the class when students fill up the marble jar. Students can earn marbles through good behavior, answering questions, and bringing information on caring for our new class pet.

Bible Verse: “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.” John 10:14&15

Have a blessed weekend!

Mrs. Wacker, Teacher

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