Fifth Grade Curriculum


Our Bible series is One In Christ by Concordia Publishing. We also use The Young Peacemaker, which teaches the students how to solve conflicts in a Biblical manner.  Students take turns leading devotions each morning. We have chapel every Wednesday in the sanctuary at 8:40. Please join us if you can. Weekly memory verses are assigned.


This year grades kindergarten through sixth will be using the new EnVision math series by Pearson. This series aligns with Common Core Standards. It also leads us into a digital age of curriculum. Each student will have their own online information to access their full student book. There are also other resources online that you as parents will have access to. We will continue with math facts in a flash this year.


The text we will be using is the Houghton Mifflin, United States History the Early Years series.


We will be using the Houghton Mifflin series. It is an integrated, phonics based approach to reading, organized in thematic cluster, which includes spelling and language arts. A silent reading comprehension check is done weekly. Book reports are assigned monthly. Specific topics such as autobiographies, animal stories, etc., will be assigned. Spelling words are taken from the reading series and each unit works toward a specific emphasis. We will also practice high frequency words. In addition to the practice book that accompanies the reading textbook, we will use outside, hands-on activities to reinforce grammar and writing skills. Several small essays will be assigned and a major research report will be covered during the second trimester. The fifth grade participates with the fourth grade in a writer’s workshop. This meets twice a week and covers topics such as descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and other styles of writing. Grades kindergarten through six will be using the writing series, Step Up To Writing. This will compliment our Language Arts series and give us structured approach to writing skills.


The 4th and 5th Grade experience California by spending 3 days in Coloma. Teachers and parents help chaperone a well structured program. This is an every other year experience and during the in between year the classes have an all day Field Trip to the Sonoma Mission.


Assignments that are not finished in class will need to be completed at home. There will be projects and reports that are long term.


As our service project we will spend a day working and cleaning at the Ronald McDonald house in Sacramento.


Home and school communication is a vital link to your child having a successful school experience at St. Peter’s. It takes all of us working together to provide for your child. Each class has a class page on Sycamore School Management Systems. Each Friday the events and curriculum for the next week, (Friday notes), will be posted on the class page and also emailed to your address. You can communicate with your child’s teacher on Sycamore through the PAN (Pass A Note) system or email. The teacher will respond within 24 business hours. Please use this feature whenever you can. You may also call the school office and leave a message for the teacher to return your call.

Your Friday notes and Sycamore pages are the best way to know what is happening in your child’s school life. Your child will also bring home an envelope on Friday which will include previous finished work and the homework packet for the coming week.


Parents can view their child’s current grades in Sycamore. Grades are updated each Tuesday. Parents should make it a habit to check grades at least once a week. Contact the classroom teacher if there are any questions.

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