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Elementary Curriculum (1st – 5th)

Thank you for your interest in St. Peter’s Lutheran School. We opened in 1993 with Preschool through 4th grade. This year we have 219 students in Preschool through 8th grade. Our school is owned and operated as a mission of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.


Miss Jazzie Burns will be teaching science in grades 1-5. Our science program is a hands on approach and is a three year rotation of content standards. The themes for 2013-2014 are; The Body/Senses; Geology; Plants; Ocean; Animals/Dinosaurs; and Weather. Our entire curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview.


Elementary P.E. is taught by Mrs. Peg Bunting. Our physical education program covers a wide range of activities. We work toward a peaceful playground and atmosphere. Good sportsmanship and encouragement are a focus. We use our full-size indoor gym, outdoor track, outdoor blacktop, and grass field.


We play in a sports league of 5 or 6 other schools. Our main sports are volleyball, basketball, and softball. These sports start at fifth grade. We play in tournaments. Our “C” Basketball is our 3rd and 4th graders. We practice for 2 weeks and then have an all day Saturday Tournament with other schools. Our track and field is all school, kindergarten-8th grade. We practice for 2-3 weeks and then have a one all day Track Meet with other schools.


Spanish is taught twice per week using a DVD program developed by Northern Arizona University.


Our middle school students are taught Latin using Rosetta Stone.


Our band is available to 4th-8th grade students and is led by Dr. Cindy Behmer. Dr. Behmer offers a Prelude Eagle Band as  a fun opportunity for students to learn how to play an instrument at the beginner level. The Allegro Eagle Band is open to any 5th-8th grader who have previously participated in a SPLS Band and/or can demonstrate an intermediate level on their instrument. The band will perform a few times a year.

Our choir is led by Mr. Rod Ellenberger, music director for St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, and is offered to 4th-8th grade students. The goal is to create Godly music which helps students develop their singing skills, while supporting the missions of the school and church. Mr. Ellenberger will focus on developing vocal skills, preparing material for performances, learning to sing in an ensemble as well as teaching students the importance of music in worship.


Accelerated Reader is a motivational practice reading program. Qualified books are selected and read by the students. The students then take a comprehension test on the computer which provides immediate feedback. This is in addition to our basic reading series. The goal is to increase reading comprehension and fluency.


Primary classrooms are equipped with computers. In addition, grades 2 and 3 will use the computer lab to learn keyboarding. They will use Mavis Beacon to practice twice a week. They may also use the lab to take AR quizzes, and practice Math Fact in a Flash. Grades 4 through 8 will use the computer lab twice a week. We focus on keyboarding, word-processing, Power Point, Publisher as well as thinking and research skills. Our classes use the lab to do research projects. Our computer lab has been updated with Dell PC’s, printer networking and internet access. Mr. Domenick Lucca is our computer teacher.


The 4th and 5th Grade experience California by spending 3 days in Coloma. Teachers and parents help chaperone a well structured program. This is an every other year experience and during the in between year the classes have an all day Field Trip to the Sonoma Mission.

Every other year, grades 6 and 7, have the opportunity to attend a overnight science camp at Wolf Mountain.

Every other year, middle school students grades 6 through 8, have the opportunity to attend a trip to Washington D.C.


Each class chooses a Mission project for the year. The goal of these projects is to help our students learn both compassion and service for others and gratitude for what they have. Some of these have included making gifts for shut ins, going to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento and helping, collecting socks for the clothes closet in Elk Grove, Operation Christmas child, Gleaning the fields at Davis Ranch, serving at LOVE, INC or knitting hats for the homeless shelters.


The students use our full service library on a weekly basis.
The Librarian is Ms. Lynn Stender.


We worship together as a community in Chapel every Wednesday at 8:40 a.m. The message is delivered by one of the St. Peter’s pastors or a visiting pastor. Each class provides the message once during the year.  We invite our parents to join us.


This program is an approach to learn basic math facts in grades 1-8. Practice is done at home on the computer and student testing is done twice a week at school. The goal is to learn the four math functions for a good math foundation.


This program is an excellent phonics program in which a student is able to progress at his or her own rate. Practice is done at home with student testing twice a week at school. Victory Drill is used in grades 1-3 only.


In the Elementary grades there is a visual discipline program. In each classroom there is a chart with each student’s name. When a student’s behavior is disruptive or non-productive they will be asked to place a marker (colored strip of paper) in their chart pocket. Each color represents a different area of behavior. For example, Green=Assignment missing; Pink=Talking at inappropriate times; Red=Disrespectful or hurtful behavior; Black=Tardy; and Purple=Exemplary behavior. This will help children identify their inappropriate behavior, why it is inappropriate and what other options are available to them in that specific situation.


Home and school communication is a vital link to your child having a successful school experience at St. Peter’s. It takes all of us working together to provide for your child. Each class has a class page on Sycamore School Management Systems. Each Friday the events and curriculum for the next week, (Friday notes), will be posted on the class page. You can communicate with your child’s teacher on Sycamore through the PAN (Pass A Note) system or email. The teacher will respond within 24 business hours. Please use this feature whenever you can. You may also call the school office and leave a message for the teacher to return your call.

Your Friday notes and Sycamore pages are the best way to know what is happening in your child’s school life. Your child will also bring home an envelope on Friday which will include previous finished work and the homework packet for the coming week.


Students from the middle of 3rd grade through 8th grade are taught how to use an assignment notebook then are expected to use it daily. Parents are asked to sign the book each night. This is also a good place to leave notes for teachers.


In primary grades, homework packets are sent home on Friday to be returned the following week. Please help your child nightly with this work. It will also include Bible memorization, practicing Victory Drill and Math Facts in a Flash, and nightly reading.


School starts at 8:25 a.m. with the first bell. The tardy bell rings at 8:30 a.m.

Grades 1-4 10:00- 10:15 a.m. Grades 5-8 10:25 – 10:40 a.m.

Grades 1-4 11:45 – 12:30 p.m. Grades 5-8 12:15 – 12:50 p.m.

Grades 1-5 3:00 p.m.
Grades 6-8 3:10 p.m.


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