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8th Grade News example

What a great first week! We began working on our first book report in class, it is due Tuesday, and had a general great time seeing each other again. Please make sure ALL books are covered by Tuesday.

Information about upcoming High School events (Shadow Days and Open Houses) are posted on the 8th grade class page. Make sure to check it out.

 Language Arts:  We will be focusing on our summer reading , Soul Surfer. On Tuesday, we will spend the day overcoming the obstacle of having only one arm. Each child needs to bring in a bathrobe tie, ace bandage, or some other soft fabric I can use to tie their arm to their side. We will also learn about other famous people who have achieved their goals despite obstacles put in their paths.  The students will be broken up in to groups and given a person whom they will need to research. They will then create an interview with that famous person.

I would like to show the PG film Soul Surfer in class. If anyone owns the film and would be willing to let us borrow it, please let me know ASAP. 

We will begin reviewing the parts of speech, from last year, through centers, next week.

 Math: Algebra has begun Chapter 1, variables and their expressions.

Accelerated Pre-Algebra is skipping through Chapter 1 (mean, median, and mode) and will begin lessons from chapter 2 next week. Both classes must have a calculator in class each day. After school math homework help begins on Tuesday.

HomeConnect will begin Monday.  

Bible:  We will focus on the theme this week: The Good Shepherd. After that, we will begin writing our chapel program.

This year our mission is to knit hats for the residents on Loaves and Fishes. This will be an all year mission, so any donations of yarn would be greatly appreciated!

Our Bible verse for the week is Psalm 23:1-3.  On Friday, they may recite it orally or write it out.

Science:  8th grade will be kicking off the year by studying Sir Isaac Newton’s three famous laws of physics. Students will need to bring in magazines, newspapers, or pictures off of the internet showing athletes in action.

Latin: Your child needs to complete 9 Latin lab tests per trimester. Next week, I will send home a note letting you know their progress. On Friday, they will be tested on the following Latin words (they must be able to spell and define them):

Pictae                                                                          picture/painting
Pariete                                                                        wall
Ursi                                                                             bear
Felium                                                                         cats
Vultus                                                                         happy face 

I addition to the Latin terms, they must be able to spell, define,  and give the part of speech for each of the following English terms: quietly (not all of them seem to know what this word means!),  beastly, conspiracy, odious, and obsequious.

History: 8th grade students will be studying United States Geography; The Five Themes, Map Basics, and Settlement Patterns of the United States.

 On Wednesday’s your child will print out a copy of their grades and will have all of their graded work. Please go over it with them.

Mrs. Stewart, Teacher

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