6th Grade News

6th Grade News example

Scholastic Book orders will be collected through Friday, when I will place the order.

Bible: Our theme for the month is Jesus as the Good Shepherd. The bible verse for the week is Psalm 23:1-3. On Friday, students may recite it orally or write it out. Most of the students forgot about this component this week. We will try again next week, and I will be sure to have them record it in their assignment planner. Psalm 23 will be memorized in its entirety this month. If students know it, and want to be done for the month they may write or recite the entire Psalm next Friday.

Language Arts: We will be reading Passage to Freedom in class and making judgments and predicting outcomes. We will start personal narratives for writing, and work on using conjunctions and compound sentences to improve flow.

Spelling: theme, quote, gaze, pace, preach, strive, trait, mute, sleeve, roam, strain, fade, league, soak, grease, throne, fume, file, toast, brake

Vocabulary: diplomat, government, refugees, superiors, and visas

Latin: We have started the Latin program in the computer lab. We are in the lab twice a week and work in the classroom the other days. Students work at their own pace, but are expected to complete at least seven lessons per trimester with 90% accuracy in 6th grade.

Science: In 6th grade science we will be examining maps and then creating our own to scale map of our classroom.

Math: Placement testing has concluded. A letter will go home on Monday concerning the math level of your child. Please make sure to sign a copy and return in on Monday.

On Wednesday, your child will print out a copy of their grades and will have all of their graded work. Please go over it with them and return it signed.

Miss Nelson

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