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5th Grade News example

Binder check:  Here it is! This is the first week that you will find assignments filed in their binder. You should find the assignments listed below in the appropriate section of their binder.  I prefer it placed behind the tab page and not in a pocket. Some of the students are placing their graded work in a pocket. If it works for them, let’s let them continue this way, if not, please let me know and we will help them to become a better organized student! That is our number one goal!!

Math: Page 9(9/5)  Quiz lesson 1:5 (9/7)

Reading: Diamonds(9/6) The Gift of Hearing (9/6)

     We have had another great week with lots of things happening!  I can see that this class is quite musical because my classroom is pretty empty on band days!  That’s great tho because music is good for the soul and mind! David, Angelena, Isabella, Bethany, Evelyn, and Daniel did a fabulous job following all the assignment book procedures this week and earned a special work pass!  No question marks or late work for them!!! I hope to see more of you in this category next week.

 Bible:  We have had a great time learning about Jesus being The Good Shepherd! They have done a variety of explorations through centers, video clips, etc. It has been a blast for me to listen to them as they are learning! Next week we will begin our Young Peacemaker Bible lessons.

Young Peacemaker:  This is a program that helps students handle conflict in their lives in a Biblical way. You are to read the packet that will come home with them today. Your job is to read the material with them before Thursday. Once you have done this sign the front of the booklet. This is an easy A for your child and earns them 20 points!!!!! They also are responsible for learning the material as it will be tested on Friday. They will receive a study guide on Monday. They are to memorize the verse that accompanies the booklet. I will work them through the first packet. FYI there are 12 packets in this program.

Memory Verse: If it is at all possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  Romans 12:18

 Science – Hooray, classes 1st-5th have cast their votes and we now know our new class pet will be a bearded dragon (BD). The BD will be brought into the class when students fill up the marble jar. Students can earn marbles through good behavior, answering questions, and bringing information on caring for our new class pet.

Get Your  Western Duds On!: Next Friday we are taking Western pictures,so “Cowboy up!”  If you have a cowboy hat, shirt, or bandana bring it on!

Book Reports:  One book report is due per month. This month is to read a book that is true to life or realistic. It is your basic story.  An example would be Old Yeller. It isn’t really true, but it sure sounds realistic.  We will discuss the format in class, and put it together in class, so please do not have them write a report on their own. I have a plan!  At this point, all they have to do is READ!!!

Spelling:You will find the spelling list words on page 407 under the title “Earthquake Terror.”      in the orange practice book. The spelling assignment for the week is found on pages 9-11. This will be due on Friday.  FYI   A suggestion that I have for parents is to copy pages 407-427 and you will have the list at home all year! That’s what I did when my kids went through St. Peters. Someone asked me to share this with everyone.

Mrs. Kennicutt, Teacher

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